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Rakuten Viber rolls out its latest Augmented Reality (AR) infused in-app camera, Viber Lens in Bangladesh

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Viber, one of the world’s leading apps for free and easy communication, has recently launched Viber lens in Bangladesh. The feature is integrated with Augmented Reality (AR) in the in-app camera to take daily conversations with loved ones, friends, and colleagues a notch higher. Users in Bangladesh can now incorporate Viber lenses in their regular conversations to make them more engaging, exciting, and entertaining!

Viber is partnering with Snap Inc to add the magic of augmented reality into its in-app camera with the first batch of Viber Lens. The feature comprises more than 30 striking filters including, animal masks, fantasy effects, and users’ favorite Viber characters. Users can take their conversations to the next level by simply launching the Viber camera, picking any filter, taking a snap, and sending it right away. In addition to that, the lenses offer customization by allowing users to change colors or add stickers that appear on the screen.

Furthermore, users can also play around with brand lenses from partners like World Health Organization, World Wildlife Fund, and FC Barcelona to show support towards important issues, causes, or cheer for their favorite sports team. To stick to its goal of giving users endless options when it comes to expressing themselves, Viber is planning to add at least twenty additional lenses each month! Bangladeshi Viber users can now weave more fun and excitement in their conversations by creatively adding the filters as they continue to choose their go-to messaging app for connecting with their loved ones.

“We are pushing the boundaries of AR with the launch of our all-new Viber Lens. Our users who are separated from family due to the current pandemic are looking at more meaningful ways to keep in touch and share more memorable moments says Rakuten Viber Chief Growth Officer Anna Znamenskaya. “The Viber Lens brings imagination to life in exciting ways. We believe this will spur the development of innovative and exciting new additions to our products in the future.”

David Tse, Senior Director for Rakuten Viber APAC, said, “Viber Lens is a unique feature that enables users to make conversations that are more creative, engaging, and vivid. We have included the most advanced AR capabilities to Viber Lens while sticking to our commitment of providing high-security standards for messages, videos, and pictures that are exchanged over the application. Apart from that, we are also looking forward to launching additional local lenses exclusive to our users in Bangladesh. We are pleased to bring these features to our Bangladeshi users and offer them more creative ways to express their thoughts and feelings.”

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