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Quick tips to reduce energy consumption while doing laundry

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The entire world is going through an energy crisis, putting a significant impact on our daily lives. As responsible global citizens, it is upon us to conserve as much energy as possible by making small changes in our lifestyles. Here are a few tips and tricks to save electricity and water while doing laundry on washing machines, as it is a task that requires to be performed on a daily basis.

Use Cold Water

Washing clothes with warm water can be quite heavy on electricity. Hence, washing clothes at a temperature of 20°C or below can significantly minimize energy consumption.

Fewer Washing Cycles

Lesser the washing cycle, the lower the energy consumption! In order to save power, it is best to wait until there is enough laundry to fill up the washing machine so that the need for multiple washing cycles is reduced, limiting the cycles from once to thrice a week. This will, in turn, reduce the machine’s usage leading to lower power consumption.

Use Quick Wash

In case of an urgent need to wash small batches of clothes, it is best to use the 15 to 30 minutes Quick Wash to reduce the wash time. This will save energy while also meeting urgent necessities.

Switch Off Power Supply

It is important to keep extra attention to turning off the power supply as soon as the washing cycle ends. Although it seems like the modern washing machine turns off by itself, it only goes into standby mode. It is common to leave for other work to come back to the machine on standby; hence, turning off the main switch can be quite impactful in order to save power.

Choose an energy-efficient machine

Energy-efficient machines equipped with Digital Inverter Technology play a huge role in saving energy by cutting power necessities by at least 20%. With the Digital Inverter Technology, washing machines reduce running costs by using precise operations for laundry loads. Digital Inverter Technology utilizes strong magnets, which reduces friction in the motor, making the machine run more smoothly. They come with brushless motors and have a small number of moving parts, accounting for a longer lifespan. Hence, simply choosing to purchase washing machines equipped with Digital Inverter Technology adds a great deal in saving energy and money.

Keeping all the aforementioned points in mind, Samsung can be a viable option while contemplating which machine to buy. Samsung washing machines are equipped with Digital Inverter Technology which saves energy by 40%. By eliminating the use of brushes, Samsung has ensured a longer lifespan of its washing machines; hence, it is providing a 1o-year warranty on motors.

If you are looking for the perfect, energy-efficient washing machine, wait no more and visit your nearest Samsung store to bring home the cream of the crop energy-efficient washing machine, starting from BDT 24900.

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