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Playwright Mukid Choudhury’s six books in book fair

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Playwright Dr. Mukid Choudhury has made his mark at the Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2024 with a collection of six captivating books. These literary works cover a diverse range of topics, showcasing Dr. Choudhury’s versatility and depth as a writer.

The first among the titles is ‘Germany: Past and Present,’ published by Agamee Publications. Delving into the intricacies of Germany’s history, tradition, culture, literature, philosophy, politics, diplomacy, and socio-economic aspects, this book stands out as a remarkable and fascinating exploration of the country’s rich tapestry.

Continuing the exploration of German culture, ‘German Literature: Beginning to Present,’ published by Aditya Prakash, offers a comprehensive history of German literature. Spanning from Hildebrand’s Hymns in the seventh century through the High German and Baroque periods to the present, the book discusses prominent figures such as Cant, Lessing, Klopstock, Herder, Klinger, Bachner, Goethe, Schiller, Fischke, Novalis, Kleist, Karl Marx, Kafka, Mann, Brecht, Remarque, Grass, Müller, and other influential writers, poets, and philosophers.

‘Anahuto Athiti,’ a collection of poems also published by Aditya Prakash, provides readers with a poetic journey through time, offering insights into various periods, countries, societies, and groups of people. The collection invites readers to revisit it repeatedly for a deeper understanding of the depicted landscapes.

The fourth offering, ‘Juddha’ (Warrior; Novel), published by Aditya Prakash, unfolds a tragic tale of political ambition, weaving a narrative of greed, murder, deception, and superstition. Dr. Mukid Choudhury skillfully crafts a story that captivates readers with its exploration of human complexities.

‘Troyi,’ a collection of three plays published by Aditya Prakash, includes ‘Joddha,’ ‘Kolkatai Mirza Ghalib,’ and ‘Aat-i Falgun.’ These plays showcase Dr. Choudhury’s prowess in the realm of drama, offering a diverse range of narratives that promise to engage and enthrall audiences.

The final title, ‘Magnapath: Surah Baqarah,’ also published by Aditya Prakash, takes on a different dimension as it delves into the eternal words of Al-Qur’an. Recognizing the challenges in translating classical Arabic into Bengali, Dr. Mukid Choudhury attempts to unravel the meaning of the verses in a chapter (Sura Baqarah), providing readers with a thoughtful exploration of the sacred text.

In conclusion, Dr. Mukid Choudhury’s presence at the Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2024 is marked by a diverse array of literary contributions. His books promise readers a journey through history, literature, poetry, drama, and spirituality, making them a valuable addition to any bookshelf.

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