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Laser services made more accessible through PMC: Rukaiya Chamak

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Nowadays, laser and aesthetic treatment is a scientific and modern treatment through which, various types of physical anomalies can be easily removed. For that reason, people are now attracted towards this service. But, everyone is facing a problem.Because, Laser and Aesthetic treatments are costly as they use the latest technology. That’s why it is still not possible for everyone to take this kind of treatment.

In such a situation, CosMedica Laser Clinic has opened the doors of laser and aesthetic treatment for everyone in an exceptional initiative. CosMedica has launched the Priority Membership Card (PMC) to enhance customer service at a reasonable cost. Customers will get a special discount on all services if they take membership with this card for just 600 taka.

Popular actress Rukaiya Jahan Chamak recently launched this Priority Membership Card (PMC) of Cosmedica Laser Clinic at Navana Tower, Gulshan. According to her – ‘Time changed, now everyone’s interest in laser and aesthetic services has also increased. PMC opened the door, so that all levels of customers can avail these services at a reasonable price.

Director of CosMedica Laser Clinic Dr. Farhana Islam said – We have started PMC, keeping in mind that people can take these services easily within their means. Cosmedica is currently working to take this service forward across the country.

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