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Parisa sang with Rupankar in the words of Walid Ahmed

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Bangladeshi singer Parisa Islam Arthi sang with Rupankar Bagchi from Kolkata. The song titled ‘Chere dite pari’ was written by Walid Ahmed and composed by Rupankar Bagchi. The song along with the video on the occasion of Eid under the banner of Sadamata Production has recently been published on Sadamata YouTube channel.

Walid Ahmed has made a music video for the song ‘Chere dite pari’. As can be seen in the picture in the video, a girl is walking in a city. The girl is watching and thinking about various issues along the way. On the other hand, Rupankar Bagchi is singing in the studio. In this way the visualization of the song will continue.

Commenting on her experience of singing with Rupankar Bagchi from Kolkata, artist Parisa said, “I was taught music before I was admitted to school. Learned classical and folk. Basically, I have come so far today with the support of my family. And lyricist and director Walid Ahmed has given me the biggest opportunity in the media. Singing with Rupankar Sir was like a dream to me. I am getting a lot of response from the audience of the two countries. I hope everyone will like the song. ‘

Earlier, Parisa Islam Arthi had bagged second place in a reality show of songs about expatriates in Malaysia. He is currently studying engineering in Malaysia. He has many blog videos about food, sights and travel thirst for Malaysian expatriates, which are quite popular.

Video link of the song ‘Chhere Dete Pari’:

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