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Palash Mahbub got RTV-SMC Monimix Prerna Padak

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Renowned writer, program maker, playwright and journalist Palash Mahbub has been honoured with the prestigious RTV-SMC Monimix Prerna Padak for his outstanding contributions to children’s literature. The award ceremony took place at the Bengal Multimedia Studio in the capital, with a grand event organized to celebrate the achievements of this year’s winners.
The ceremony was graced by the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Hasan Mahmud, who attended as the chief guest. Other notable attendees included USAID/Bangladesh Mission Director Reed Aeschliman, RTV Chairman Morshed Alam MP, and RTV CEO Syed Ashiq Rahman, among many others.
The RTV-SMC Monimix Prerna Padak, established in 2018, recognizes significant contributions in the fields of education, health, and environmental protection, particularly benefiting the underprivileged children of society. This year, the award was bestowed upon two organizations and three individuals, highlighting their exceptional efforts and impact.
Palash Mahbub, a well-known figure in the creative and media sectors of Bangladesh, has been a prolific writer for many years. His extensive body of work spans various branches of literature, journalism, and content creation. Recently, his written proverb collection, “Pomar Bachan,” has gained widespread popularity among readers.
Throughout his career, Mahbub has received numerous accolades, including the Bangladesh Shishu Academy Children’s Literature Award, UNICEF Meena Award, Natyasabha Padak, and the West Bengal Annadashankar Roy Children’s Literature Award etc. He is currently associated with Sesame Workshop Bangladesh, an international organization focused on children’s development and the creator of the beloved Sisimpur program in Bangladesh. Additionally, Mahbub serves as a Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Media Studies and Journalism at United International University (UIU).


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