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Singer Beko Presents Transformation Journey with Burak Özçivit

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Singer Bangladesh Ltd., a subsidiary of Arcelik, flagship of Türkiye’s Koc Group, revealed “Transformation Journey with Burak Özçivit” with a press conference. The event saw the attendance of Mr. M.H.M. Fairoz, Managing Director and CEO at Singer Bangladesh Limited, Ms. Handan Abdurrahmanoğlu, Director of South Asia Regional Marketing, Business Transformation & Growth at Arcelik and Turkish beloved superstar actor Mr. Burak Özçivit, the brand ambassador of Singer Bangladesh’s Transformation journey.

Earlier this year, Singer Bangladesh announced a series of transformations, including a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, one-of-its-kind Concept Store, and a workspace representing the company’s new vision. These transformations brought Koç Group and Arcelik’s global expertise and standards to Bangladesh and enhanced the consumer experience, reaffirming Singer Bangladesh’s commitment to excellence. As the company has begun the continuous process of transformation, Mr. Burak Özçivit has started teasing the company’s transformation journey by taking part in a series of creative communications. Mr. Özçivit is tremendously popular among Bangladeshi audience for his character portrayals in multiple drama series.

Commenting on these transformative endeavors, The Managing Director & CEO of Singer Bangladesh Ltd. Mr. M.H.M. Fairoz said, “Keeping customer centricity at the core of our operations, Singer Bangladesh is also transforming its operations to bring the most contemporary and global standards to the customers of Bangladesh. With the vision to make Singer Bangladesh one of the top brands in the country, we’ve been bringing our global expertise and standards to the market to contribute to consumer durables industry and lives of Bangladeshi people.”

Mr. Fairoz said, “Mr. Burak Özçivit is one of the most beloved actors in Bangladesh. He has been our guest for last couple of days and I’m honored to host him. As a business entity we have a strong Turkish lineage and we are transforming our operations by bringing our Turkish expertise to Bangladesh. We want to share our successful transformation journey with our consumers. And we believe no one is better fitted to tell the story to our consumers other than Mr. Burak Özçivit.”

Ms. Handan Abdurrahmanoğlu, Director of South Asia Regional Marketing, Business Transformation & Growth at Arcelik said, “Arçelik has been bringing its global expertise and standards to the market ever since it acquired Singer Bangladesh. We have been implementing the most effective practices from Turkey in Bangladesh with the goal of enhancing the consumer durables industry and improving the quality of life for Bangladeshi people. We’re bringing a significant transformation to improve all operational aspects of Singer Bangladesh with our global excellence in manufacturing, retail experience and pro-employee working space. We remain determined in our pursuit of innovation, customer satisfaction, and sustainable economic growth. We will continue investing in Singer Bangladesh in technology, retail, and communications. We are excited to have Mr. Burak Özçivit as the brand ambassador of Singer Bangladesh in this journey.”

Singer Bangladesh has opened Bangladesh’s first concept store in the consumer durables industry located in Gulshan 1. Inspired from the design of Arcelik’s award-winning concept store in Istanbul, Türkiye, the store features curated experience zones showcasing a diverse range of products under the Singer and Beko brands.  The store offers an immersive retail experience where consumers can experience a product firsthand before making a purchase. It also features shop-in-shop approach for the very first time with Arçelik’s global brand Beko. Singer’s new store’s design sets a new standard for retail spaces in Bangladesh, achieving a monumental success by redefining traditional retail norms and meeting global standards for customer engagement and product presentation. Singer will open more Singer | Beko concept stores in major urban areas and adapt the same design language in retail stores across Bangladesh in 2024.

Singer Bangladesh has relocated its corporate headquarter to Gulshan 2, Dhaka. Designed by esteemed Turkish architects, the new office provides employees a world-class workspace experience with its amenities such as open workstation, collaboration zones, town hall area, product showroom, lunchroom, prayer room and socializing area; and encourages agile way of working, teamwork, collaboration, creativity, and forward-thinking. The headquarter embodies Singer Bangladesh’s progressive ethos, laying the groundwork for continued success.

Singer Bangladesh’s new manufacturing plant has started production. Established with an investment of US$78 million from Arcelik, the new factory will create more than 4,000 employment opportunities and underscore the company’s commitment to local manufacturing. Singer Bangladesh aims to reduce dependence on imports and foster a robust local supplier ecosystem by focusing on manufacturing over 90% of products locally. Singer Bangladesh has been awarded with the LEED Gold certification for sustainability.

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