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Oxfam Urges Global Action on 1.8M Climate Displaced and Rohingya Crisis in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh confronts the interlinked challenges of 1.2 million forcibly displaced Myanmar nationals (Rohingya) and 1.8 million internal displacements due to climate-related disasters in the last decade. These issues spotlight global inequalities and demand urgent attention from Oxfam in Bangladesh, thursday on World Refugee Day 2024.

Oxfam calculated that in Bangladesh, severe water-related disasters, including floods and cyclones, are impacting food security. Nearly 12 million people, which is 31 percent of the total population, are facing high levels of food insecurity. Bangladesh’s recent severe Cyclone Remal will exacerbate the country’s climate change vulnerabilities, as 4.6 million people have been directly affected, and agriculture in 48 out of 64 districts has been impacted. This poses a significant concern for the future food security of the country.
Simultaneously, the Rohingya crisis remains critical as 1.2 million of Rohingya people are living in Cox’s Bazar camps after fleeing persecution in Myanmar. Recent clashes in Myanmar continue to force more Rohingya to seek refuge in Bangladesh, escalating tensions and emphasizing the urgent need for humanitarian aid and sustainable solutions.
Ashish Damle, Country Director of Bangladesh, emphasized, “Climate change starkly exposes the inequalities faced by vulnerable countries like Bangladesh. Continuous disasters push communities into perpetual vulnerability, demanding immediate global action. Rich, polluting nations must take responsibility by reducing emissions and providing adequate climate finance to impacted countries like Bangladesh. Adaptation requires finance; early warning systems and social protection all need funding.”
Bangladesh’s response to hosting these displaced Rohingya its commitment to humanitarian principles despite resource constraints. The Rohingya situation represents one of the largest refugee populations globally, necessitating robust international support and solidarity.
Damle added, “We must protect all individuals, including Rohingya refugees, ensuring their rights and dignity are upheld.”
On this World Refugee Day, Oxfam in Bangladesh Bangladesh urges the global community to prioritize comprehensive strategies that tackle climate injustices and refugee crises simultaneously. Sustainable resolutions are essential to fostering peace and stability, both within Bangladesh and across the world.

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