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Helping the Helps”: Art of Giving Celebrates 11th Anniversary with a Heartwarming Gesture of Appreciation

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In a remarkable display of gratitude and appreciation, the Art of Giving community in Bangladesh has successfully executed the “Helping the Helps” initiative simultaneously in different cosmopolitan cities across the country. On the auspicious occasion of the 11th Anniversary of International Art of Giving Day, a bag of foof of Happiness was lovingly handed over to the silent contributors who tirelessly support our community and ensure the smooth functioning of our activities.

The International Art of Giving day, observed annually, celebrates the joy of giving and sharing. This year, it was an occasion to recognize and honor those individuals who selflessly dedicate their efforts to support our endeavors. The distribution of the bag of Happiness brought immeasurable joy and satisfaction to their hearts. The recipients, who have been instrumental in providing seamless services, were deeply touched by this gesture. The smiles that lit up their faces were priceless, a testament to the fact that true happiness stems not from material possessions but from caring and sharing with their loved ones.

This year, the Art of Giving community reached new heights with the official nomination of Dr. Md. Sabur Khan, the Honorable Chairman of Daffodil International University, as the President to lead this esteemed community. Driven by a shared vision of serving humanity and promoting peace, joy, and harmony, the Art of Giving community continues to make a meaningful impact in the lives of countless individuals.

Under the theme of “Helping the Help,” the event was organized at various locations, including Daffodil Family in Chandpur, Chattogram and Dhanmondi Dhaka, DISS Ashulia Savar, and Daffodil International University Ashulia in Savar Dhaka. The Art of Giving community believes that by extending support to those who tirelessly contribute to our cause, we can create a ripple effect of positivity and compassion.

To join the Art of Giving community and become a part of this social movement dedicated to serving humanity and promoting peace, joy, and harmony, interested individuals are encouraged to register at

As the Art of Giving community marks a decade of spreading happiness through selfless acts, this heartwarming initiative stands as a testament to the transformative power of giving. It is through these small yet significant gestures of appreciation that we cultivate a spirit of unity, compassion, and love in our society.

The Art of Giving is a social movement dedicated to serving humanity and promoting peace, joy, and harmony in the world. Through selfless acts of giving, the community aims to make a positive impact on individuals and society as a whole

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