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Opportunity to participate in Space Exploration Olympiad

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Bangladesh Innovation Forum & Space Innovation Camp is going to organize for the first time in Bangladesh “Space Exploration Olympiad” Powered by ACI Pure Salt to develop students in space science, space robotics, space technology and innovation, solar system, galaxy, space programming and cosmology.

Children aged 6-9, 10-12 and 13-14 years can participate in this Olympiad in 3 groups. Focusing on the Olympiad 8 Astronaut Camp will be held in 8 Division, 100 School Campaign, District wise data bootcamp, Also, space scientists and researchers from 10 countries will join the event.

The final exam will be held next February with those selected through 2 preliminary and secondary online exams according to the age of the children. In the final exam, 9 people from 3 groups will be selected as runners-up, 2nd runner-up and champion and 1 person will get excellence award.

About the event, Ariful Hasan Opu, head of Space Exploration Olympiad Bangladesh said, “I have seen that stories of space exploration have a profound impact on children. These stories of adventure, curiosity and scientific discovery not only captivate children’s imaginations but are also a valuable learning experience for them. Through these stories, children explore the wonders of the universe and learn essential problem-solving skills.”

The event is co-organized by National Museum of Science and Technology, Academic Partner American International University of Bangladesh and Knowledge Partner Creative Junior.

To participate in the Space Exploration Olympiad, registration must be completed at

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