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OPPO Research Institute Calls for Innovative Proposals on Inclusion and Health with a Total Grant of up to USD $460,000

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OPPO recently announced the OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator to empower technology professionals and entrepreneurs that inspiration matters to bring innovative solutions to life and create a better future together, based on the brand value proposition of “Inspiration Ahead”. The Innovation Accelerator is being held by the OPPO Research Institute and Microsoft for Startups as a strategic partners. The program aims to encourage all technology innovators to solve some of the most pressing issues facing humanity even amid times of uncertainty.
Centered on the theme of ‘Virtuous Innovation’, OPPO is looking to recruit proposals under two entry categories — Accessible Technology and Digital Health. Following the evaluation of proposals submitted by participating teams or individuals, up to ten proposals will be awarded grants of USD $46,000 each, as well as further opportunities for investment opportunities, technical support, research and commercial partnerships, and promotion at global events.
OPPO Research Institute Innovation Accelerator – Inspiration Matters
“OPPO believes deeply in the idea of ‘Virtuous Innovation’. As we continue to explore new technology, we remain dedicated to doing so in a way that puts people first. Through technology, we are attempting to solve some of the biggest issues facing humanity so that we can create a better world for all,” said Levin Liu, Vice President and Head of the OPPO Research Institute. “With the severity of global issues like aging populations, poor public health, and digital divide increasing day by day, we could not rely on our own efforts to provide solutions. We have therefore initiated the Innovation Accelerator to empower likeminded innovators to solve these big issues together with us using the power of technology.”
Grants and technical support aim to help promising entrepreneurs realize their visions
The 2022 Innovation Accelerator will open online applications beginning May 8, 2022, and winners will be announced after three months of preliminary evaluations and Demo Day roadshows. OPPO will provide all winning teams or individuals with a financial grant, as well as support to help them further implement and promote their ideas. Each winning proposal will be entitled to the following incentives:

● Approximately USD $46,000 (300,000 RMB) in grants
● Partnership and funding opportunities
● Commercialization of the proposed via integration with OPPO products
● Publicity and demo opportunities at global tech events
● Support from OPPO’s R&D team including opportunities to meet and present ideas to industry professionals

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