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‘O Nadi Re’ on Bangladesh Betar

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The song ‘O Nadi Re’ sung by artist Mariom Maria has been prepared for broadcast on Bangladesh Betar. Md. Sadek Ali composed the song with the words of Rezaur Rahman Rizvi.

Recently, the recording of the song ‘O Nadi Re’ was completed at the studio of Bangladesh Betar Transcription Service in Agargaon. Ehsanul Lajuk, Tapsi Hadi and Mujib have given voices as chorus artists in the song. Pulak Barua has mixed and mastered the song. The song was overseen by Anwar H Mridha, Director, Transcription Service, Bangladesh Betar.

Regarding the song ‘O Nadi Re’, artist Mariom Maria said, ‘O Nadi Re’ is different from the melody of the traditional song. The lyrics are also captivating. In particular, I would like to thank Anwar H Mridha Bhai, Director of Bangladesh Betar Transcription Service, for his inspiration in making this song.

Lyricist Rezaur Rahman Rizvi said, “So far I have written hundreds of songs for different artists of Bangladesh and India. But this is the first time I have written songs for Bangladesh Betar. It is also my first work with artist Mariom Maria and composer Md. Sadeq Ali. All in all, this work has been great. I also greeted the artists and composers.

Md. Sadeq Ali, the composer and music director of the song, said, “Everyone had several weeks of hard work on the song ‘O Nadi Re’. The melody of the song has also been quite different. I hope everyone will like the song.

It is learned that the song ‘O Nadi Re’ will be aired regularly on the transcription service of Bangladesh Betar from this week.

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