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Nakshikantha song about father released

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On the occasion of Father’s Day 2023, Nakshikantha Band released a music video titled ‘Baba’ on their YouTube channel and Facebook page. World Fathers day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year. As such, this year the day will be celebrated on June 18.

Sajed Fatemi, vocalist of Nakshikatha band sang the song ‘Baba’ in his own lyric and tune. One of the members of the band, Romel Hasan composed the song. Nakshikatha turned 17 in January this year.

Sajed Fatemi, the founder and singer of Nakshikantha, said, “I have 10 songs written and composed by myself about Baba, which have been sung by famous artists of the country. But this is the first song for the band about the father. I hope everyone will like it.’

The line-up of Nakshikantha is Sajed Fatemi (vocals and percussionist), JR Suman (lead guitar, rabab and mandolin), Bulbul Saha (kahon, dhol and tabla), Faisal Adnan (base guitar) and Romel Hasan (key board and melodika).


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