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Farewell reception from international media Company

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Bhairab Upazila Administrator (Land) and Executive Magistrate Md Julhas Hossain Sourav of Kishoreganj was given a special memorial and farewell reception by international media company ‘Dowa Media Group Limited’. The memorial was presented by Rakib Mosabbir, the founder and director of the international media company ‘Dowa Media’ and popular singer, composer and music director of the country, and Sohanur Rahman Sohan, a budding young writer and journalist of Bhairab.

Rakib Mosabbir expressed his love for Bhairab Upazila Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate Md Julhas Hossain Sourav and said – ‘Julhas Sir is a very good person. He gave me a nice gift today. I am very happy. Apart from this, he always gave good advice to everyone regarding land matters. He was able to resolve many complications related to Bhairab’s land.’

It is reported that Bhairab Upazila Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate Julhas Hossain Sourav will be transferred from Bhairab to Bangladesh Divisional Commissioner’s office in Dhaka tomorrow and start his journey to his new workplace. He served successfully for 2 years in the port city of Bhairab with a reputation.

On the other hand, ‘Dowa Media Group Limited’ was registered as an international media group company in December 2022 by the UK government from London. The name of ‘Dowa Media Group Limited’ is listed in Companies House on the official website of the UK Government.

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