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Medical camp organized by Creatocell Interior

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On 11th September 2022, the well-known interior company in Bangladesh Creatocell Interior conducted a medical camp with their employees. The campaigning was carried out with fifteen interior workers under the supervision of three doctors. It was mentioned that these people are the regular workers of this company. The company’s primary intention was to focus on identifying the blood group of their workers and checking up on their physical health. On that day, all the workers had been briefed by the doctors on safety measures during their working hours.

Founder and CEO of Creatocell Interior Apurba Khandaker said, ” Healthy and skilled workers are a valuable asset for a company. That being the case, we organized this medical campaign for them to ensure their smooth workflow and reduce the stressfulness of their lives. We believe that the core strength of an interior firm is its workforce. Our firm is always aware of the fact that a healthy and mindful worker is a reason behind an attractive interior design so their fitness and health are really our utmost concern. Also, to ramp up the working efficiency of the employees, We are conducting regular workshops. All these factors are subsequently increasing the quality of our work.”

Mr. Nazmul Matin (Head of Operations) and Mr. Anis Rahman (Marketing Consultant) were also present during the medical campaign.

It should be noted that Creatocell Interior started working in Bangladesh in 2016 by focusing on residence, office, and showroom interiors. Creatocell Interior has made a commendable place in Bangladesh by providing their delicate and unique design with their wider experiences.

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