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Huawei Awards Employees for Long Service

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Huawei Bangladesh has recently awarded its employees for their long-time support and contribution to the company as well as the country. The employees who have served this company for at least six years have got recognition from the CEO of Huawei Bangladesh recently in an event at the Huawei Bangladesh office in Dhaka.
The comprehensive process of employee knowledge and leadership development has been a key factor for the employees to pursue their careers in this company for a long time. In addition, Huawei organizes several employee recognition programs very frequently. This award is one of the key initiatives among those to pay tribute to the efforts of its devoted employees. The employees have been awarded Huawei laptops or Huawei Tab as a token of appreciation based on their years spent in Huawei.
Waheed Shams, A senior employee of Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited, said about this initiative, “Huawei has been working in Bangladesh to build a fully connected, intelligent Bangladesh. And certainly, that is a better cause to cherish. I always feel proud when I find myself working with this great ambition on behalf of this company for more than 14 years. On the other hand, in Huawei, employees always have the opportunity to learn and grow. That is also an important factor for the employees to persist with this company for a longer period.”
Huang Baoxiong, Head of the Human Resources Department of Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Limited, said, “Huawei has been working for the country to realize the dream of Digital Bangladesh. It has been possible because of our employees’ sincere and dedicated efforts. It is their contribution that has taken Huawei to such a height. We are happy that there has been an opportunity for us to recognize those efforts of our colleagues.”
Huawei has been working relentlessly to build a fully connected, intelligent Bangladesh in many terms for more than 23 years. This broader mission and vision have opened a great opportunity for the people of Bangladesh to develop careers especially when 85 percent of employees in this company are locally recruited.

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