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Masterclass on “Collaborating with a Film Crew” held at ULAB

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The Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival (DIMFF) organized the highly anticipated masterclass for filmmakers, students, and enthusiasts to gain insights from one of the industry’s most accomplished professionals, at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, on 17 November 2023.

 The exclusive Masterclass on “Collaborating with a Film Crew: Work Effectively and Efficiently.” was conducted by Pantha Rahman, also known as Andalib Rubayet. This Masterclass presented a rare opportunity for attendees to interact with Pantha Rahman, gaining valuable insights into filmmaking’s collaborative and technical aspects.

 Pantha Rahman shared how to explore innovative approaches to filmmaking, especially in the context of mobile devices, the importance of understanding the dynamics of working harmoniously within a film crew for successful productions, and also shared his extensive experience in directing and cinematography. 

 Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival is a platform dedicated to promoting mobile filmmaking and celebrating creativity in the digital age. The festival catalyzes emerging filmmakers to showcase their talent and connect with industry professionals. The Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival – DIMFF 2024, is gearing up for its tenth year, with the tagline “New generation, New tools, New communication” with a team of devoted team members working tirelessly.

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