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Madchef and Cheez partner with foodpanda’s pandapick

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foodpanda Bangladesh, the country’s popular food and grocery delivery platform, partnered with Madchef and Cheez as part of a collaboration called “pandapick” aimed at satisfying cravings of food enthusiasts.
foodpanda Bangladesh recently introduced pandapick, a partnership program where customers can explore a curated selection of restaurant outlets available on foodpanda for food delivery. A product badge will appear on the pandapick restaurants to mark this special collaboration.
Co-Founder and Managing Director of foodpanda Bangladesh, Zubair B A Siddiky commented, “At foodpanda, our fundamental belief centers on offering users swift and seamless access to a diverse selection of restaurants as part of our customer-centric ethos. As a result, we are persistently committed to introducing innovative features that enhance user convenience such as pandapick. By harnessing the advantages of the foodpanda platform, customers are empowered to explore an expanded spectrum of culinary options.”
Shohorab Hossain, one of the partners of Madchef and Cheez, said, “Through this collaboration, we can now reach our potential customers, while relying on foodpanda to offer consumers the convenience of enjoying our products through their delivery services.”
Madchef and Cheez have experienced rapid growth in their orders through the food delivery platform. Following the pandapick partnership, foodies can now enjoy an array of delicacies like Classic Beef Burger, Achari Fried Rice, Panda Crisp, Classic Margherita, Chicken Alfredo, and Creamy Chicken and Sausage from Madchef and Cheez on foodpanda. Other pandapick partner restaurants include Holey Bakery, Takeout, and Cooper’s Bakery.

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