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Joy-Bindu Kona’s new song

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Last Eid, Soundtech released a music video of the song titled ‘Shudhu Ichche Hai’ written by Kabir Bakul and sung by Jhilik and Joy. Joy said that he is getting a good response for this song, along with the news of the release of the new song. Joy’s romantic song ‘Nazar Diona Go’ with musician Bindu Kona will be released on August 13. The lyricist and composer of the song are Rabiul Hasan and the music is directed by Mannan Mohammad. The song is being released on Sound BD’s YouTube channel. The studio version of the song will be released along with the music video.

Joy said, I wanted to release the new song as a music video. But after Eid, I did not get that opportunity due to lockdown. Meanwhile, I am getting a good response to the song ‘Shudhu Ichche Hai’ written by Kabir Bakul Bhai, so I thought of bringing another new song in the near future. The lyrics, the melody and the singing of the two of us all together, I hope everyone will like this song. The point is Kona sang well.

Bindu Kona said, I have listened to Joy Bhai’s previous songs, he is actually a man of song, can sing well, so sing together. I and Joy Bhai sang a very romantic song. I believe the song will fill the minds of the audience.

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