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Inauguration of the ULAB Literary Salon on May 14

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The English and Humanities Department of ULAB—University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh—is
announcing The ULAB Literary Salon, a first of its kind literary platform in Dhaka to bring together writers, readers and publishers from Bangladesh and elsewhere in South Asia in a setting that is both informal and engaging.

Beginning 14 May 2022, once a month, each month, the ULAB Literary Salon will offer Dhaka’s literary-minded a Saturday evening of book launches of leading authors, book readings, discussions with authors, book signing by authors, and sales of such books at preferred rates by ULAB Lit Salon partners—some of Dhaka’s favorite bookstores. From time to time ULAB Literary Salon will also feature topical discussions with leading writers, editors and academicians.

The inaugural ULAB Literary Salon features the father-daughter duo of Shamsad Mortuza and Arshi Mortuza. Writer, academic and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of ULAB Professor Shamsad Mortuza are known also by two other identities–he is a father and a poet. In his poetry collection Barkode (2013), Professor Mortuza philosophizes on the art and craft of writing poetry, on quotidian experiences in a world crowded with video games and porous cyber security. He writes also of the experiences of studying English in the UK while being a person of color.

Joining Professor Mortuza is his daughter Arshi Mortuza, recently-turned debut author of her own poetry collection, One Minute Past Midnight. Published by Nymphea Publications in 2022, Arshi’s verses explore the tricky waters of mental health, adolescence, relationships, and the complicated relationship with the beauty they bring. Arshi has graduated with an MA in Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of Liberal Arts, Bangladesh (ULAB) and an MA in English Literature at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. She teaches English at Southeast University, Dhaka.

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