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imo launches ‘Voice to Text’ feature

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Instant message app imo has launched a new AI-powered feature ‘Voice to Text’, enabling voice messages to be converted intelligently into text messages on the platform.

When users receive a voice message on imo, an icon of ‘Voice to Text’ will appear on the right of the voice message. Users can also press the voice message bar to choose this feature in the following menu. Afterward, the voice message will automatically be converted into text messages. When users receive multiple voice messages, upon converting the first one, the following voice messages will be converted into text automatically.

This feature will come in handy for users who do not prefer listening to voice messages or are in a situation where they are unable to hear the messages loudly.

imo has developed the ‘Voice to Text’ feature by exploring AI technology and application. The accuracy of the conversation of this feature has achieved a leading position in the industry and imo continues to improve its performance. Bangladesh is the first market where imo launched this feature, and the first language applicable for the feature was Bengali. In the near future, gradually, more languages and markets will apply this feature through imo’s consistent investment. Currently, this feature is only available on the Android version.

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