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HUAWEI CLOUD becomes the Fastest Growing Cloud Provider in the Asia Pacific region

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Within four years of its development, HUAWEI CLOUD has snatched away the No. 2 position in China, No. 3 in Thailand, and No. 4 in developing markets in Asia-Pacific, becoming the fastest growing cloud provider in the region.
Owing to its strong foothold in the region, HUAWEI CLOUD is gaining popularity in the Bangladeshi market as well. Robi, IFAD Autos Limited, bdjobs.com, Rokomari.com, Daily Star, DBC News and Ekattor TV A, Symphony Softech Limited, New Zealand Dairy, Ajkerdeal.com, Perfee, deliveryTIGER, UNITEX, FLORA TELECOM are availing of HUAWEI CLOUD services. Besides, Huawei provided a cloud service to launch the virtual Amar Ekushey Boi Mela last February so that the visitors and interested people can access all information related to the book fair digitally through a website.

The government of Bangladesh is using HUAWEI CLOUD for meeting myriads of digital needs. The State Minister of ICT Division, Bangladesh, Zunaid Ahmed Palak has recently shared, Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) has also used HUAWEI CLOUD service to build a National e-Government Cloud, and its National Digital Foundation Platform with unified cloud infrastructure. It has contributed a lot as BCC Cloud has served 30+ departments and organizations and hosted 50+ projects. The government of Bangladesh is also getting benefitted from HUAWEI CLOUD since projects like an integrated budget and account system for the Ministry of Finance, vaccine system and e-government ERP project have been pulled off with BCC Cloud.
Earlier in March, Pan Junfeng, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Bangladesh) Ltd, said, “Huawei Bangladesh is very serious about its cloud services and solutions, and wants to expedite digital transformation through its cloud services. HUAWEI CLOUD is already helping the country reap the benefits of digitalization and achieve significant economic and technological growth. Especially, our cloud services are easing different government projects and we are ready to modernize the power and other sectors with our cloud-based solutions.”
In a recent speech in Singapore, Zeng Xingyun, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Asia-Pacific, reviewed HUAWEI CLOUD’s rapid growth in 2021 and its advantages in localized services in the Asia-Pacific market. In 2021, HUAWEI CLOUD’s key customers in the Asia-Pacific region increased by 156%, and the number of ecosystem partners grew by 90%. What’s more exciting is that the revenue of Huawei’s partners rose by 150%, which is even higher than HUAWEI CLOUD’s revenue.
George Lin, President, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei Bangladesh, shares, “Inspired by its latest strategy ‘Dive into digital with Everything as a Service’, HUAWEI CLOUD has grown rapidly in the region with remarkable growth. And there are six strategies of Huawei CLOUD in Asia-Pacific. In terms of industry strategy, we focus on “Infrastructure as a Service, Technology as a Service, and win-win with ecosystem partners” to continuously improve the core competitiveness of Huawei Cloud. In terms of market strategy, we focus on ‘Dive into digital transformation, accelerate cloud-native and business innovation, and build the best 2B services’ to continuously create value for customers.”
To keep up with the pace and help the industries tap into more potential, HUAWEI CLOUD will be bringing in new cloud solutions and services in the region in 2022, namely global network acceleration service (GA), real-time audio and video service (SparkRTC), software development production line (DevCloud) and financial distributed database GaussDB (for openGauss).

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