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HSC students can NOW directly join LSE-directed University of London degrees at UCB in Dhaka

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Universal College Bangladesh (UCB), the exclusive partner of University of London, had an Open Day on August 26, 2023 with Dr James Abdey of the London School of Economics as guest of honour. Hundreds of talented and aspiring young students joined the event held at the UCB campus in Gulshan Avenue, to learn about the full three year UK degree programmes that will be available at UCB from September.

The objective of the University of London Open Day event was to introduce students to the BSc degrees in Accounting & Finance, Business & Management, Economics, and Finance, now available at Universal College Bangladesh. All these degrees are under the academic direction of the London School of Economics and students will be able to complete all three years of the UK degrees at the UCB campus in Dhaka without travelling abroad.  UCB is the first Ministry of Education-approved international education provider in Bangladesh and offers University of London higher education programmes to local students who have finished their O/AS/A/HSC levels.

Professor Dr Hew Gill, the President & Provost of Universal College Bangladesh, welcomed Dr James Abdey the distinguished visitor from the London School of Economics & Political Science.   He said, “As the first higher education institution in Bangladesh to be given permission by the Ministry of Education to offer international university programmes, it has been our objective to open the door to high quality and affordable foreign education for students in Bangladesh. With our friends at the University of London, UCB will help to develop the human capital and world-class skills that will enable Bangladesh to achieve the vision of becoming a higher middle-income country in the next few years.   We have programs for National Curriculum and international school students, and we aim to give all our students and their guardians the highest quality educational experience at a reasonable cost.  We offer programmes under the academic direction of the London School of Economics, with world class educational content which will equip students with the skills that lead to careers as highly paid professionals. We hope that this Open Day has inspired more young Bangladeshis, especially those studying the National Curriculum, to begin their own University of London story with UCB here in Dhaka.”.

Dr James Abdey, Associate Academic Director of UoL Programmes at LSE said, “It is a pleasure to be here in Dhaka to support the launch of the UoL programmes with academic direction from the LSE offered here at UCB. This is an exciting development in our portfolio of international programmes which have been designed to enable students worldwide to pursue an LSE-designed curriculum with strong academic rigour locally at home. Over many years, our top graduates have gone on to successful careers in a variety of sectors, as well as postgraduate study at LSE and other leading universities globally and we are delighted to play an integral role in helping students realise their full potential. I, along with colleagues in London, wish UCB every success in the delivery of these programmes and we are enthusiastic to support UCB in this innovative endeavour which will enable HSC students to study towards a University of London academic award right here in Dhaka.”.

During the event, students and their guardians and asked many questions about studying a University of London program.   The faculty gave the students expert guidance on the best education options for them, explaining the many education pathways and degree options available to students studying University of London programs at UCB.  The University of London Open Day also gave visiting students the chance to explore the state-of-the-art UCB campus and chat with Dr James Abdey about the important role that LSE plays in the UCB programmes.

Prof. Dr Muhammad Ismail Hossain, Dean of Academic affairs said, “At UCB, students get the unique opportunity to pursue international higher education at home and to complete their degrees from the University of London while staying in Bangladesh. Bangladeshis from all schools and curriculums now have the golden opportunity to get a world-class UK degree here in Dhaka and I want as many young Bangladeshis as possible to join our amazing programmes.”.

Closing the very well attended event Dr James Abdey, Associate Academic Director of UoL Programmes at LSE said, “I hope all interested students, especially those studying HSC, will want to join our world-class London degree programmes at UCB.”.

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