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“Hill E-Commerce Society is on the top of the Chottogram Hill Tract (CHT) zone as the local e-commerce platform of Bangladesh.

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Hill E-Commerce Society (HILLES), the largest CHT-based e-commerce platform for local products, is now a 30,000-member cloud neighborhood to serve Bangladesh though it has started its activities this year and didn’t even complete five months. It has been widely discussed among netizens across the country. The group Administrator Mony Pahari said that “Hill E-Commerce Society” is hill’s native common e-commerce platform. There are larger groups than this in terms of number. They are working with both domestic and foreign products and are performing well. However, we have many logical grounds behind working with local products only. In our country, we have many extraordinary creations. We do not want them to get lost in the glamorous troop of overseas products. We dream that the money of our country will not go abroad but the money of other countries will come to this country and it is promising that the activities have already been set up.

In terms of members “Hill E-Commerce Society” has risen to the top of the common e-commerce group in the CHT as a local e-commerce platform in such a short period. About this achievement, Mony Pahari said that our main intention is to make the impeccable creations of the mountains known to the world. We are working to highlight the nature, public life, and culture of the place as well as the products made by the local people. Such initiative is creating a great attraction towards the mountains. We also focus on the traditional products of plains along with the mountains. The mountains are getting closer to the plains as well as the plains are also viewing the mountains closely. They have built an enigmatic relationship with each other. This relationship is the greatest force of “Hill E-Commerce Society”. Entrepreneurs of this platform are also associated with many more groups but at the end of the day, they feel at home and enjoy the moment while working with HILLES.”

Not only do we talk about the products here, but also we decorate our Facebook cover page in such a way, that mostly portrays the nature and day-to-day lives of hill people. Due to This, it became a comfort zone for the buyers, entrepreneurs, and well-wishers. In just five months, several millionaire sellers came out from this platform. This is also a great achievement. It has happened just because of the buyers and entrepreneurs being in an equal position in HILLES. We have millionaire (lakhopati) buyers just like millionaire (lakhopati) sellers. Often we arrange live cultural shows to establish effective communication and make our bonding strong. On completion of each month, we arrange discussion sessions for the development of the group. We also sing amid the discussion during the session. We share our stories of buying and selling on Facebook Live. These stories bring us more closer. In this way, we become one.

“Several teams are working behind HILLES. Among them Nanika Chakma, Mafruha Chowdhury, Bhantankung Bom, Mehnaz Rahman Lira, Rumana Khanam, Jannat Ara Jhunu, Dipta Dewan, B.Sc. Zaman Repeat, Sushant Tanchangya, Pitam Chakma are working as senior moderators. The moderators are Elora Sultana, SF Jyoti, Urmi Goswami Neer, Nab Kumar, Humaira Oishee, Shamima Haque, Laila Kamrun Nahar, Mohammad Majedul Islam, Aisha Chakma. In the director pannel there are- Kamruzzaman Ranju, Safiq Pahari, Rudaba Raihan, Monirul Haque, Jewel Barua Emon, Ranta Kumar Tanchangya, Rezaur Rahman Rizvi, Iqbal Ahmed Johnny, Ripon Khan, Dhrub Hasan Biplob Sarkar, Shampa Haque, Sohana Parveen, Alamgir, Rubel Mia, Shikha Chakma, Tahsin Rahman and Ashiq Sumon. Supreme Court lawyer Habib Rabbani Uchbhas is the legal advisor of the group. Apart from this, a young team is also working. Among them, Neimraching Marma, Israt Jahan Ruma, Safayet Majumder Himel, Swapna Chakma, Mohiuddin Sajib, Rubina Begum, Aishi Chakma, Lily, Khushi Dung KP, Nahar Munni, Jhumur, Tasnia Pakhi, Umme Habiba Brishti, Kishore Tanchangya Amu, Sadman Khan, Eli Chakma, Afroza Sadia, Kaniz Rumki, Md. Sumon Sarkar, Yangsangi Seema, Tania Sarwar, Tipra Jack, Manisha Chakma, Sushant Chakma, Minu Kheyang are playing very energetic roles. Apart from this, many renowned people from different sectors are also involved as a well-wisher of HILLES and are getting involved in many instances.”

The Hill E-Commerce Society is playing a big role in creating special attention towards the mountains. Mony Pahari said – “Maybe in the future, there will be many more local e-commerce platforms in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. They will engulf us from all sides. I dream of that day. We wish the journey will be of a fabulous and sugary relationship. ” The Hill E-Commerce Society has shown the potential of e-commerce platform in Chattograam Hill Tracts zone. In the future, along with this achievement many more feathers of achievements will be added to this group -that is the expectation of everyone.

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