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‘Gas Monkey’ app offers LPG cylinder home delivery

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IT-based startup company Gas Monkey is offering home delivery of LPG cylinders. LPG cylinders can be ordered at the price fixed by the government through the Android or iOS app. The customer can choose their desired brand of LPG cylinder. ‘Gas Monkey’ provides home delivery and cylinder setup in quick time. The company announced this information in a press release on Monday. According to the press release, the LPG industry in Bangladesh has grown 15 times in the last 10 years and is expected to grow another 10 times by 2030.

The country uses an average of 90 lakh cylinders every month. Currently, consumers of LPG need more opportunities to choose the brand, and customers need to be made aware of the exact government-fixed price of the right product. Even those directly involved in this business need to be working to ensure the rights of consumers in this sector. In this regard, Gas Monkey, the country’s only mobile app-based LPG cylinder delivery company, is working to deliver a reliable product at the right price within the shortest possible time. Through this app, customers can order products with one click, choose their preferred brand, be informed about the government’s fixed price, get the fastest delivery, and avoid the hassle and risk of carrying explosive products.

You can also take advantage of many value-added services. The company currently serves the Dhaka metropolis and will soon offer home delivery of LPG cylinders across Bangladesh. Khondoker Ershad Jahan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gas Monkey, said that currently, LPG users still need to get the products or services they want in many cases. Retailers force customers to buy whichever cylinder they have on hand or on which their profit is higher. We want to break this tradition, empower the customers to get their chosen product and ensure better customer service. He said we are providing customer service through apps, website and call-center. Fifty-five percent of those who once used our service are giving repeat orders using our app. ‘Gas Monkey’ reached the milestone of 10,000 customers in its first year of establishment. We hope to cover 10 percent of LPG users in the country within the next two years.

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