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Freelance meetup recently held in Cumilla to highlight the growing Freelancing Industry

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Popular mobile financial service provider upay and United Commercial Bank PLC have recently organized a freelancer meetup to highlight the growth of the industry, discuss on the different struggles of those involved in freelancing and the need for addressing the issues through time-befitting solutions and banking services.

The meetup was organized at the Comilla Club located in Kandirpar, Cumilla. Around 100 freelancers from adjoining areas took part in the event and shared their woes. Along with the freelancers, upay and UCB bank’s local branch officials were present at the event.

Themed as ‘Freelancers’ Contribution to Building Smart Bangladesh and MFS as Growth Facilitator’, the event focused on different pertinent issues related to freelancing. Freelancers in our country have to face different problems including payment issues through banking channels and lack of recognition. Speakers at the event underscored the need for giving due importance to the freelancers for materializing Smart Bangladesh vision and at the same time talked about the role of bank & MFS providers in facilitating the freelancers.

During the session, freelancers shared how they often face different issues related to payment and recognition. upay and UCB strongly support freelancers and feel that their problems must be minimized for the betterment of our country. Through the UCB Swadhin Account (Foreign Currency Account for the freelancer) and MFS platform, freelancers will find convenient solutions to address their problems and the concerned authorities are committed to continue to do so in future as well.

Other topics such as the overall situation of the freelancing industry, its prospects, development areas and how UCB & upay has been stepping up its efforts to help freelancers through various services were discussed at the meetup.

It is mentionable that upay has brought in UCB–upay co-branded prepaid card, through which freelancers can utilize the fund for foreign currency transactions, make merchant payments (online and offline) and complete global ATM cash withdrawals with the help of this card. They can also receive payments from Payoneer and avail cashout service at the lowest charge using upay account. These tailored features have the potential to make the lives of freelancers more easeful.

The event came to an end with the distribution of crests and gifts among the guests and participating freelancers.

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