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China’s Anhui Provincial People’s Congress delegation visits Energypac high-ups

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A High official delegation from the Anhui Provincial People’s Congress of China has recently paid a visit to Energy Centre the corporate office of Energypac Power Generation PLC in the capital’s Tejgaon area. The delegation led by Wei Xiaoming, Vice Chairman of the Anhui Provincial People’s Congress, highlighted potential trade and investment opportunities, focusing on advancing Bangladesh-China cooperation in various sectors, including electric vehicles (EV) and renewable energy. The Chinese team also visited Bangladesh Parliament, BCCCI and DNCC.

The meeting served as a platform for Energypac to express its commitment to adopting advanced technologies in the manufacturing sectors. They shared insights into Energypac’s current projects as the only sole partner of major Chinese companies like JAC and Heli, focusing on the assembly and manufacture of special purpose vehicles and electric vehicles (EV).

Humayun Rashid said, “We are the only partner of JAC and Heli in Bangladesh. We have been working with them for almost two decade and are constantly bringing in their new innovative technologies in our market. We are working with more new technologies to be introduced in future. We will be introducing eco-friendly sustainable electric trucks and buses in the market.”

It is mentionable that this meeting was a part of the delegation’s visit to Bangladesh for discussing trade and investment potentials in the country. During the visit, discussions centered on expanding investment by Anhui province in Bangladesh, notably in manufacturing sectors such as electric cars, commercial vehicles and agricultural technologies. Wei Xiaoming praised the ongoing efforts and coordination between the Bangladesh China Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCCI) and the Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh, which have played pivotal roles in strengthening their bilateral trade relationships. He noted that trade between Anhui province and Bangladesh had reached USD 319 million in 2023, and emphasized the vast potential for further collaboration.

The Anhui delegation’s visit to Energypac underscores the growing interest of Chinese investors in the country’s growing sectors. Both parties expressed optimism about the future of their collaborative ventures, which are expected to bring substantial economic benefits to both the countries.

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