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First-ever locally manufactured acrylic paints introduced by Berger

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Berger Paints Bangladesh Ltd. (BPBL) has launched the first-ever artists’ acrylic paint made in Bangladesh, titled – “Berger Artista.” The leading paints solution brand has opted to inspire creativity and support the young, talented artists of the country with this introduction of cost-efficient acrylic paints with a variant of 7 elementary shades.

Many local artists, despite blooming with ideas, cannot produce more than 2-3 paintings in a year because of the high price of imported paints. With their new “Berger Artista” acrylic line, Berger has now enabled all the artists’ potentials to roam limitlessly, minus the stress of breaking the bank! With the 7 shades – Titanium White, Black, Cobalt Blue, Viridian Green, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Ochre and Vermilion – more and more paintings with superior and long-lasting quality shall now be encouraged.

General Manager (Marketing) of BPBL, AKM Sadeque Nawaj emphasized the inspiring aspect of this pioneering acrylic paint series that is manufactured locally. “The Berger Artista series aims to develop a unique dimension to the creativity of artists across the country. We have launched this new product in the market with the vision to be the partner in creativity for the ambitious artists, eliminating their concerns regarding the availing and measured uses of paints due to high price,”0 he commented.

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