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FICCI pledges to work with govt to overcome the economic challenges

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The Foreign Investors’ Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) will work cooperatively with the government to succeed in overcoming the ongoing financial crisis. The chamber President Naser Ezaz Bijoy stated this at the 59th Annual General Meeting (AGM), held on Thursday, 08 December 2022 at The Westin Dhaka.
In his speech, FICCI President Naser Ezaz Bijoy said, “I am honored and delighted to be present at the 59th AGM of the chamber. As we all know in the last 59 glorious journeys, FICCI member companies are contributing more than 30% internal revenue of the government and representing more than 90% of inward FDI in Bangladesh. With this huge contribution, we became the change maker of the economy and development partner of the country.”
He said, “With the representation of more than 200 member companies including our Board of Directors and committee members, we have attained some achievement even in this adverse economic climate by continuous advocacy with the government, policymakers, regulators and different stakeholders to promote and protect our members business interest.”
“The current economic situation has created some uncertainties, with liquidity challenges, foreign exchange risks and inflationary pressures in the short term. But we believe, the measures that have been taken by the government will allow Bangladesh to remain on right track toward a sustainable and steady economy amid deteriorating global conditions. We believe that the near-term challenges should not define the potential opportunities that Bangladesh offers in the long term. As always, FICCI will be working to support the government to stand well-positioned by tackling the economic crisis,” he added.
Indicating the chamber’s future endeavor he said, “We have set a goal prioritized 4 broad themes of activities to achieve key objectives of FICCI such as supporting members by the ease of doing business, policy advocacy, promoting FICCI and attracting FDI in Bangladesh. In this regard, we are all set to organize some flagship events next year.”
FICCI Vice President Shwapna Bhowmick, Executive Director T.I.M. Nurul Kabir including the Board of Directors, FICCI members and representatives were present at the AGM.

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