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Concoct healthy delicacies in minutes

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Nowadays, most people, especially urban goers, are busy with their work and have little time or energy for social lives. To ease their lifestyles, companies are continuously trying to produce and bring innovative products so that everyone gets the opportunity to have adequate time at their disposal to spend on what’s important to them and don’t fret over the falling sand in life’s hourglass.

On that note, numerous kitchen appliances, like microwave ovens, have become a staple for most of our houses due to the convenience they provide us. Microwave oven is compact, portable, reheat food in a wink, and it’s easy to clean. The multi-functional feature allows people to create an array of delicacies in a short amount of time – perfect for people who have less time in their hands to spend on cooking. The hot blast feature cooks food evenly while keeping the outside part crispier and the inside portion juicier. Perfect for fried chickens – crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside!

Cooking in a microwave oven is ideal for those who are conscious of getting enough nutrients. According to multiple health experts, food usually loses 80-90 percent nutrients during boiling, roasting, or frying; however, the fast cooking of the microwave oven lets food be subjected to heat for less time, helping preserve all the goodness inside.

For example, according to Harvard Health Publishing, a microwave oven does an outstanding job of preserving Vitamin C and other nutrients in the food. Another example is when you boil broccoli, it loses glucosinolate (the sulfur-containing compound that gives the vegetable cancer-fighting properties). So, steaming broccoli in the microwave oven will preserve the glucosinolate. Cooking in a microwave oven seems ideal for health-conscious individuals regarding preserving nutrients and the healthy air fry feature that allows people to use less oil.

Most microwave ovens nowadays come with pre-set handy recipes for people to craft them with the help of multi-functional features. These recipes, convenient features, and easy-to-use control panels enhance the cooking, allowing anyone to whip delicious savory or dessert in a jiffy. Apart from the pre-set recipes, there are thousands of recipes online about microwave cooking. Find them and whip some magical dishes for your loved ones.

After cooking food, a microwave oven with ceramic enamel (interior) makes it easier for individuals to clean it quickly. Fully coated ceramic enamel also protects the solid surface from scratches, cracks, and building of bacteria. Brands like Samsung bring microwave ovens with an interior fully covered with ceramic enamel that allows the appliance to be scratch-resistant and last for a long time. Ceramic coating inside microwave oven makes it safer, healthier &handy. Samsung’s convection microwave ovens can make cookies, pizza, cake etc. bakery items at home, and offers options like slim fry to offer great taste with less oil consumption.

Most innovative kitchen appliances, primarily microwave ovens, have become a miracle of convenience in our busy lives. This particular appliance is a marvel of engineering and nutritionally advantageous to boot. So, just relax and showcase your brilliant cooking to your loved ones for the New Year, with the help of a multi-functional microwave oven.

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