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Bring home your cooking companion

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You could be a bachelor living mostly on fries and junk foods or a student at a dorm with no idea what’s on today’s menu until you find a place at the common dining. We could go on with more of such examples, where our busy, fast-paced life has somewhat taken over our love for the taste buds. But thanks to modern science, even if you find yourself relating to one such lifestyle, there is one electronic cooking companion that could treat your appetite with something new every once in a while.

Yes, we are talking about microwave ovens! You’ve seen it, perhaps even own it, and used it to warm up the previous day’s leftover pizza (we’re all guilty!) – but have you ever explored what else could you do with it?

It might surprise you how much that little square box in your kitchen can do for you, especially the most updated models with convection and other sophisticated features. Dating back to the early ‘40s, the initial purpose of ovens using electromagnetic radiations in the microwave frequency was merely to keep the food warm. From the first manmade ovens, the near 5 feet, and 750+ pound mammoth-of-machines, to today’s chic countertop charm – microwave ovens have found their objectives to be largely redefined, as scientists and culinary experts teamed up intricately over the years. The world currently witnesses the production of more than 100 million microwave ovens per year.

Leading brands like Samsung blessed the foodies and passionate cooks with newer technologies incorporated into ovens. Lives became easier as more and more convenient methods to grill, bake, and warm foods became available with microwave ovens. Previous microwave tubes have been replaced with safer and more effective solid-state radio frequency, which keeps the food quality and nutrition intact. Present-day ovens come equipped with bio-ceramic chambers and stainless steel components, making them even more efficient to operate, clean, and keep odor-free.

The contemporary market for microwave ovens and such electronic cooking appliances projects a lot of competition, with brands aiming for the top sales by promising innovation, cost-efficiency, and longevity of products. The market offers a variety of options, depending on criteria like capacity/size (measured in liters), type (solo, grill, convection, etc.), features (auto-timer, safety lock, eco-performance, etc.), and of course – price.

It is estimated that there is a microwave oven in at least half of the world’s total houses. Is your house one of them? If not, you might as well visit the nearest Samsung showroom or visit and check out the wide collection of microwave ovens. Solo, grill, and convection microwaves with unique features like HotBlast, Eco Mode, Triple Distribution, and many more are there for your interest, starting at a price of BDT 8,900 and ranging up to BDT 42,900. This little addition to your nest might as well bring some wonderous changes to your food habit and health!

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