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Aviation Challenge Bangladesh is going to be held with children for the first time in the Country

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Children will make their planes, learn the flying mechanism, and know the answers to many unknown questions of science.

Bangladesh Innovation Forum and Space Innovation Camp are going to organize “Aviation Challenge Bangladesh” where children will construct their planes to promote scientific education among young people and inspire them to pursue enjoyable science projects that advance science and technology. By flying it, they will learn about the various aeronautical parts, the history of the plane, and how the plane flies. Through this program, they will learn about how a plane’s engine works as well as how a plane can fly in the sky by doing various mathematical calculations.

About 100 students aged 4 to 12 years from all over Bangladesh will participate in the workshop to be held at the American International University Bangladesh on August 27, 2022, from 2 pm.

In this context, on behalf of the organizers, President of Bangladesh Innovation Forum Ariful Hasan Opu said, this program is mainly organized to introduce children to science through fun projects and games. Through this program, they can learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics, problem-solving methods, teamwork, etc.”

The event has American International University as the venue partner, Brutex Technology Limited as the technical partner, and Pridesys IT Limited, HB Aviation Training Center, TechTerrain IT Limited, Dreamerz Lab Limited, Cloud Live BD, Enigma TV and Events Fluent in collaboration.

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