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UCB Celebrates Ashik Chowdhury’s World Record Skydive

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United Commercial Bank PLC (UCB) is proudly celebrating the remarkable achievement of Ashik Chowdhury, who set a world record for skydiving while holding the Bangladeshi national flag. As the sponsor of this daring attempt, UCB expressed their pride and gratification in supporting Ashik Chowdhury through a press meet event today at the bank’s head office.

During the event, UCB high officials including Managing Director Arif Quadri thoroughly appreciated Ashik’s indomitable spirit and courage. The incredible feat, which took place on May 25, 2024, involved a HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) skydive from 41,795 feet. Ashik Chowdhury’s historic jump was supervised by a judge from the FAI World Air Sports Federation, the leading authority in aeronautical records. The attempt featured the largest flag ever flown in the stratosphere, measuring approximately 7 square feet.

During the jump, Ashik exited a Piper PA-42 aircraft for a freefall of nearly three minutes while holding the green and red. He reached a maximum vertical speed of 314 km/h 20 seconds into the jump, covering a distance of 37,297 feet, before successfully deploying his parachute at 4,498 feet. The statistics from Ashik’s skydive so far unofficially confirm the new world record. These numbers have been submitted to the Guinness Authorities for official certification.

Arif Quadri, Managing Director of United Commercial Bank PLC, said, “The aspiration to set the bar higher and higher is what drives us, at UCB; and so, we try our best to stand beside those as well who show genuine intent and lead as exemplary. Congratulations to Ashik for making it to the pages of history”.

Ashik Chowdhury thanked his patrons and supporters, saying, “My achievement is dedicated to the innate resilience of Bangladesh and its people, who never back down despite facing many crucial challenges and hardships. Holding our national flag at such heights was a moment of immense honor. My wholehearted thanks to UCB for making my journey a smooth one”.

The event wrapped with UCB’s firm commitment to supporting more of such extraordinary initiatives and setting remarkable milestones in future.

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