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Anwarul Islam Tahsin’s new book has been published on domestic and foreign sites

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Anwarul Islam Tahsin is a popular Bangladeshi author who has made a big name in the digital advertising and marketing world as a digital marketer rising SEO expert, digital marketer, journalist and photographer. He is also an influential entrepreneur and this has made him famous in the social media world.
Anwarul Islam Tahsin was born on 26 September 1999 in Afchar Uddin Patwari Bari. But Tahsin grew up in his own house in Sonagazi Upazila. Anwarul Islam Tahsin’s parents are both alive. They live in Feni, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh. His father Mohammad Zahirul Islam is a teacher and his mother Shamim Akhter is a housewife. His parents live in their own house. His father is a very honest and devoted man. Father is respected by people from all walks of life. His mother is the same as his father. He has two brothers. His elder brother’s name is Tanvirul Islam and his younger brother’s name is Monirul Islam. Both are good at studies. He passed JSC and SSC from Sonagazi Md Saber Pilot Government High School. After that, he completed a Diploma in Engineer with Computer Science and Technology from Feni Computer Institute. Now he is studying at Northern University Bangladesh.
Anwarul Islam Tahsin believed in philanthropy since childhood. He loves the country and its people very much. So he used to participate in various voluntary organizations during his school life. Involved and led scouts in school. Then in college, he led rover scout as a senior rover mate and served as a team leader in the graphic department at Feni Computer Institute ICT Club. He was also a member of the Feni wing of Cybercrime Awareness. Also, he is a regular blood donor. His blood group is B positive. He was very interested in learning since his childhood due to which he acquired many skills. He earned an online paid diploma in journalism and photography. Besides, he has acquired good skills in graphics and digital marketing due to his studies in the computer department. Also conducted a government course on mobile app monetization. Recently he has considered working in software development. Also did free-lancing. Besides, he spends time in content writing. Along with their studies, he started his social media platform thus helping with different campaigns for different types of industries using the same digital marketing techniques that he used to grow his own brand name. He has his own digital agency called “AIT Digital Pros”. When asked about this agency, he said it will provide services in digital marketing, SEO, SEM, cyber security, social media management, brand promotion and later software and web, etc.
His first book is The Fourteen Generation of Domain Hosting. When asked about this name, he said that he wrote the book according to the need of people to know the importance of websites in the digital world. In the current digital world, having a website is not only a dream but also a necessity. But many of us do not have much knowledge about domain hosting in the current context. There is confusion about domain hosting among those who are new to this sector. As a result, they buy a domain hosting from the wrong place and get into trouble with the website. In this book, I write about domain hosting in detail which will attract readers. It is currently in Bangla Swagswakaran. This book is not only published in the country but also in India on Amazon and Flipkart. Besides, this book can also be found in Bangladeshi Daraz. This book is a digital e-book. Thinking about the digital life system, he published the e-book. The publisher of this book is his digital agency AIT Digital Pros, which is a marketing agency. When asked about writing a new book, he said that he is recently writing a book on affiliate marketing and will give details when it will be published.
When asked about his plan to write the book, he said, “It is important to focus on the needs of the readers, to be true and genuine to them. The best way to influence people is to know what kind of content they expect. If your content and concept are attractively unique and relevant to everyone, it will surely attract the target readers.

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