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First-ever reverse wireless charging in mid-range smartphone

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We are living in a time where gadgets have become extensions of our very selves. Imagine you are going on a tour and just after you’ve put on your earbuds, you notice you forget to charge and it’s about to die. In that helpless time, reverse wireless charging can be your savior. No cables, no adapters, no cords, just a magnetic transfer of energy from your smartphone to your earbuds. That’s the magic of reverse wireless charging.

Wireless charging mainly works by using electromagnetic fields to transfer energy from a charging pod to a compatible device. That means when you place your device on the charging pod, the energy transfers through magnets. And in reverse wireless charging, the smartphone itself acts as the charging pod. It’s a power-sharing gesture that defies conventional expectations, and it’s changing the way we view technology.

This charging technology has been introduced for quite some time now only on flagship phones. But recently after Infinix released their Note 30 Pro, the feature again came to attention. Note 30 Pro is the first ever and only mid-range smartphone that offers reverse wireless charging. In this budget range no other smartphones are offering this feature.

We have now products, such as smartphones, smartwatches, headphones, and earbuds, that supports wireless charging. If we have a smartphone that is equipped with reverse wireless charging, then it may help us in the time of unintended crisis.

In the process of Reverse wireless charging, you’ll be reducing your phone’s battery level of course. But if you have a 5000 mAh battery and a 65W wired charging adaptor, it’s not that of a headache. You can have your phone plugged in and get charged 80% in just 30 minutes.

Empowered with all-round charging capabilities Infinix Note 30 Pro is a member of the Note 30 series. There are two models in this series: the Note 30 and the Note 30 Pro. The price of the Note 30 Pro smartphone in Bangladesh is BDT 27,999. Customers will get a free wireless charger with the phone, worth BDT 2,000. Two versions of the Note 30, 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB, are available for BDT 18,999 and 23,999, respectively.

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