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Walid Ahmed’s ‘Megher Kapat’ at New York Film Festival

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‘Suchitra Sen International Film Festival’ is being held in New York, America on 20th and 21st April 2024. A total of 438 films from Bangladesh and India were submitted for screening at the festival. From there, the film ‘Megher Kapat’ directed by Walid Ahmed has been nominated for exhibition in the feature section of the festival through the juridical board. The film will be screened at the Jamaica Performing Arts Center in New York on the second day of the festival, April 21, 12-55pm local time. ‘Megher Kapat’ actress Cindy Rolling will reportedly represent the film at the festival.
In this context, director Walid Ahmed of the film ‘Megher Kapat’ said that earlier on December 1 last year, the film participated in India’s ‘Global Independent Film Festival-2023’ and won ‘Best Foreign Film’, ‘Best Director (Foreign Film)’ and ‘Rajkapur Award’. In addition, ‘Megher Kapat’ was selected to be screened at the 22nd Dhaka International Film-2024 Festival in January this year. In that continuation, New York’s ‘Suchitra Sen International Film Festival’ ‘Megher Kapat’ is going to be screened. I hope overseas audience will enjoy the film.
Incidentally, the film ‘Megher Kapat’ was released in Bangladesh cinemas on November 3 last year. The film was screened continuously for 4 weeks at Blockbuster Cinemas in Dhaka. It is also shown in cinema halls outside Dhaka. Later, the ‘Megher Kapat’ was sent to India for display under the South Asian Regional Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA). The film ‘Megher Kapat’ written and directed by Walid Ahmed, the film stars Rakib Hossain Evon, Cindy Rolling, Sabrina Tonni, Afroza Momen, Rezaur Rahman Rizvi, Rehana Parveen Hasi, Zaman Saif, Raju Ahsan and many others. All the 5 songs of this movie are written by the director Walid Ahmed. Javed Ali, Aorgha, Rupankar Bagchi, Afroja Momen, Dilruba Kamal and Aninda Chatterjee have given voice to these songs of melodious genre. Music directed by Nasif Ani, Rupankar Bagchi, Walid Ahmed and Abhishek Saha. Walid Ahmed and Afroza Momen jointly produced the film.

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