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Videos on Facebook: New changes promise a new experience

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Meta has started to roll out new updates that will bring more Reels editing tools to Feed, making it even easier to create, explore and engage with video on Facebook. Additionally, the Video tab is now the go-to source for all videos on Facebook, including Reels, long-form video, and Live content.

Audio, music, and text are all in one place on Reels, making it easier to layer and time creative elements to create the perfect reel! The seamless editing options are now also available on Meta Business Suite for reels and for video on Feed. Users can get creative with their videos by speeding up, reversing, or replacing clips, and mixing the right sound in videos by exploring and adding music and audio clips, recording voice- overs and reducing unwanted noise. The update also enables users to upload HDR videos from their phone to Reels, making the experience livelier than ever before.

The Video tab, previously known as Facebook Watch, is now the one-stop shop for every type of video on Facebook, including Reels, long-form, and Live content. Users can scroll vertically through a personalized feed that recommends all types of video content – and the new horizontal-scroll Reels sections, which highlight recommended reels, so they can quickly jump into their most loved short-form video and maximize the fun! Video Explore has been redesigned through an intricate blend of human curation and machine learning to help them discover popular videos and surface the ones that they might enjoy and find interesting. The ability to watch Instagram Reels on Facebook has helped many Instagram creators reach more people. It also lets people enjoy the best of Instagram and Facebook Reels all in one place. Now on Facebook, users can view and write comments on Instagram Reels that have been recommended through Facebook without needing to switch between apps! The process is also very simple – just need to link Facebook and Instagram accounts through the Accounts Center.

Video is core to Facebook – short videos could be posted to Feed as early as 2007. Meta’s unique cross-section of Reels, long-form and Live content brings people to Facebook to watch videos about the things they like, new stuff they’d want to know about, and to engage with real people with similar interests. This is just the beginning, Meta will continue to develop more tools for creators so they can express themselves, build an audience and earn, along with the discovery and personalization features that give more control over users’ experience.

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