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UIU Mars Rover won 1stPlace in Asia at University Rover Challenge 2023

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The UIU Mars Rover team from United International University (UIU) won 1stplace in Asia at the University Rover Challenge 2023 organized by the Mars Society. The competition was held on 01–03 June 2023at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in Hanksville, Utah, USA.

During the three-day final, the teams performed four missions including science exploration, autonomous navigation, extreme terrain traversal and Equipment servicing mission to demonstrate the capabilities of their rover and operation skills. UIU Mars Rover successfully completed all four missions and represented the university along with the country with pride.

UIU Mars Rover team has secured 9th place out of all 37 finalists and 1st among the Asian teams in the prestigious University Rover Challenge (URC) 2023. 37 teams from 10 different countries including USA, Poland, India, Bangladesh, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Egypt, Mexico and Turkiye compete in the grand final of the competition.

The team was supervised by Prof. Dr. Salekul Islam from the Dept. of CSE, UIU and mentored by AkibZaman, Lecturer Dept. of CSE, UIU. A team of 10 members from UIU Mars Rover Teamtook part in the competition.The student lead of this project is Mr. Abid Hossain from Dept. of EEE,UIU. The other subteams are led by Mr. Md. Yasin(Management SubTeam Lead), Mr. Ahmed JunaedTanim (Mechanical SubTeam Lead), Mr. Shah Mehrab Hossain (Electrical SubTeam Lead), Mr. Abdullah Al Masud (Software SubTeam Lead), Mr. T M Al Anam (Communication SubTeam Lead) and Mr. Megboron Paul (Science SubTeam Lead).

This year, a number of three teams represent Bangladesh on the international stage. ‘Interplanetary’ team from Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET), UIU Mars Rover team from United International University (UIU) and ‘BRACU Mangal-Tari’ team from BRAC University participated in the final round of Rover Challenge (URC) 2023 from May 31 to June 3, 2023 at Hanksville, Utah, USA.

In the total finalist 37 teams championship competition, a team from West Virginia University, USA became the champion with scores 425.35, a team from Monash University, Australia came second with scores 354.83 and a team from Brigham Young University, USA came third with scores 344.09.

The‘UIU Mars Rover’ teamhas reached 9thoverall with scores 273.59out of 37 global finalists.In addition to UIU, three other universities from the USA, Canada, Mexico and one university from Poland have made it into the top ten of the list in the competition.

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