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Twelve Contemporary Singers Sing for Cancer Awareness

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12 Contemporary Singers Sing for Cancer Awareness Lyricist Nihar Ahmed wrote the lyrics of the song titled ‘Cancer’ planned and initiated by journalist and musician Sunny Azad. Composed by – Composer and Vocalist Belal Khan. Composed by – Music director and vocalist Rial Ashiq.

The 12 vocalists include – Prameet Kumar, Moon, Sania Rama, Purna Milan, Sunny Azad, Real Ashiq, Raisa Khan, Fardeen Khan, Rumi Khan, Ibn Salma, Nadira Mukta and Atiq Islam. Wahid Bin Chowdhury is directing the video of the song.

In this context, Sunny Azad said that the number of cancer patients in the country is increasing day by day. My older sister recently died of colon cancer. After his death, I realized how deadly and terrible cancer is. This disease is not limited to the individual; also devastates the victim’s family emotionally and financially. So this plan comes to mind to make people aware and we are all trying to stand by people in cancer awareness through music. The song will be released on the ‘Sunny Azad BD’ YouTube channel through an event soon.

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