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Theater Honors in New York

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Tanveer Sheikh, a young dramatist studying in America, received a special honor for performing the play ‘Oedipus’ and a translated play based on mime acting on the same day at New York’s Long Island Theater Festival.

Tanveer Sheikh received the award from Ekushey Padak award-winning actor Abul Hayat on the concluding day of the theater festival at Levittown Hall on Monday. Center for Bengali Creative Works, an organization of Bengali stage dramas in America, regularly organizes ‘Shilpangan Natyamela-2023’, playing an important role in the timeless drama ‘Raja Oedipus’ produced by Kristi and directed by actress Bonya Mirza and a translated play produced by the theater organization ‘Shilpangan’ and directed by Nazrul Islam. Blackflame Theater chief Tanveer Shaikh participated in a special role in ‘Jama Kasut Ijara’. He is currently studying at the famous Trine University in the United States.

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