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“The Significance of Gandhi’s Engagement with Islam” held at Bangladesh University

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Today, on 28 November 2022, an international conference titled, “The Significance of Gandhi’s Engagement with Islam” has been held on Bangladesh University Permanent campus by The Department of English, BU. The keynote speaker was Professor Dr. Amit Dey, from the esteemed University of Calcutta and the event was chaired by Professor Dr. Mesbah Kamal, Vice-Chancellor of Bangladesh University.

First, the guests were welcomed with flowers by the students from the Department of English. Then, the event started with the recitation from the Holy Books of various religions. The seminar was hosted by the Head of the Department of English. Later, the main session started with the speech of the keynote speaker. He profoundly discussed Gandhi’s untold past and his engagement with Islam at an early age. He also reflected on how these engagements had an impact on his life and his revelation towards spirituality. Furthermore, he disclosed his session with socio-political aspects of Gandhi’s movement and its connection to mysticism. Afterwards, the guests Prof. Dr. Md. Tajul Islam, Head Department of Economics, BU and Prof. Dr. Surma Zakaria Chowdhury, Department of History, Dhaka University, delivered their valuable comments. Subsequently, students and teachers took part in an open question-answer session with the keynote speaker. Moving onwards, the Honourable Chair of the session, Professor Dr. Mesbah Kamal, Vice-Chancellor of Bangladesh University presented his thoughts on the seminar and delivered the concluding speech. Finally, the event ended with the presentation of mementoes.

A large number of scholars, teachers, high officials and students were present in the session.

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