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The Public Lecture Series held at UIU

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School of Business and Economics of United International University (UIU) organized a series program titled “The Bangladesh Constitution and its Governance Framework” as a part of Bangladesh Corpus: Public Lecture Series-2024 yesterday at UIU Campus, United City, Madani Avenue, Dhaka – 1212.

Mohammad Muslim Chowdhury, Ex-Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh&Former Finance Secretary, Government of Bangladeshwas present as the Keynote Speaker in the program. The Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences, UIU Prof. Dr. Hamidul Haq presided over the ceremony.

Mohammad Muslim Chowdhury’s lecture provided insightful analysis on several key aspects of the Bangladesh Constitution and its governance framework. His presentation thoroughly covered conceptual ideas of constitution and constitutionalism, the historical background of the constitution of Bangladesh, emphasizing the foundational principles enshrined in the Bangladesh Constitution, including democracy, nationalism, and secularism. He highlighted how these principles guide the governance framework and are integral to maintaining the rule of law and ensuring governmental accountability.

A significant focus was placed on the separation of powers among the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches. Chowdhury discussed the importance of this separation in preventing the concentration of power and ensuring a balanced governance structure that is responsive to the needs of the citizens.

Addressing the challenges faced by the governance system, Chowdhury talked about the major milestones in reforms and the need for continuous reforms to address emerging issues related to good governance. He advocated for stronger institutional frameworks to bolster democratic governance and uphold constitutional mandates.

Heads of different departments, faculty members, officials, students and other distinguished guests were present in the program.

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