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TECNO’s AI-Powered Smartphone Revolution⁠

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A stormy morning disrupts your routine. Rushing to work, you forget to turn off the air conditioner. You realize this but cannot find your remote near to your hand. Using your TECNO smartphone’s IR Blaster, you remotely turn it off, saving energy and stress. This is just one of many AI-driven features redefining how we interact with technology.

Smartphones have evolved dramatically, and consumers now expect more than basic functionalities. Global Brands like TECNO are meeting these demands by integrating advanced AI capabilities. TECNO’s collaboration with Sony for the CAMON 30 series showcases this innovation, particularly in smartphone photography. The series features Sony sensors and the PolarAce AI Image Processor, delivering stunning, noise-free images even in low light.

Additionally, TECNO’s AI image generator (AIGC) allows users to create personalized AI portraits in 480 styles. The CAMON 30 series also includes AI features like Ella Voice Assistant, Ella Translator, Ask AI, and AI Sketch Drawing, enhancing user experience.

The AI-powered smartphone trend is growing, with IDC projecting 170 million AI smartphones to be shipped in 2024. TECNO is leading this shift, ensuring its devices meet the expectations of tech-savvy users.

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