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TECNO’s AI Integrated Smartphones Are Here to ShapeTheFuture

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TECNO, the pioneering smartphone brand, brings their groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence Operating System (AIOS) to Bangladesh, marking a significant leap forward in mobile technology innovation. AI is an innovation that many smartphones are actively seeking to incorporate into their handsets. Likewise, TECNO has also stepped into the AI arena with their latest addition, solidifying their commitment to advancing technological capabilities and enhancing user experiences.

Led by Jude You, Director of Engineering at TECNO, the company’s AI-powered ecosystem is set to revolutionize the mobile experience on a global scale. With a determined commitment to bridging the gap between current mobile devices and advanced AI capabilities, TECNO’s AIOS promises unparalleled functionality and user experience.

Through strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Google and MediaTek, TECNO is integrating cutting-edge AI technologies into every facet of the mobile experience. This collaboration ensures seamless integration of Google AI Suites, including Google Gemini, Duet AI, and Gmail AI features, enhancing efficiency and creativity for users.

At the heart of TECNO’s AI innovation is the latest addition to its smartphone lineup, the TECNO SPARK 20 Pro+. This flagship device features a 108MP Ultra Sensing main camera, coupled with a powerful Helio G99 Ultimate processor chipset. With AI-powered features like the Aurora Engine 2.0 and Darwin Engine 2.0, users can expect optimized performance and unparalleled gaming experiences. Additionally, it boasts a highly innovative AI image generator, allowing users to generate wallpapers simply by providing a text prompt. The phone is now available in the Bangladesh market, offering consumers access to cutting-edge technology and enhanced mobile experiences.

TECNO’s AI initiatives extend beyond hardware innovation to include personalized AI assistance with ‘Ella,’ a multi-language AI assistant. Ella represents a significant leap forward in user interaction, offering tailored support and enhanced efficiency for users worldwide.

Innovative photography enhancements are also a highlight of TECNO’s AI ecosystem, with features like the AI Portrait Enhancer and AI Eraser redefining the concept of beauty in photography. These cutting-edge enhancements cater to diverse user needs, ensuring high-quality photos and videos in any scenario.

TECNO’s dedication to innovation and excellence continues to shape the future of smart living, with AI poised to play a central role in enhancing user experiences and unlocking new possibilities in the digital realm.


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