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Tanveer Masud busy with multiple projects

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Tanveer Masud, now a well-known name among the daily soap audience because of his natural acting skills, is passing a busy time for his several projects on the small screen.

He is already seen on almost every television channel. Apart from Eid projects, this actor is now acting in the popular drama series ‘Bakulpur’ season 2 directed by Kaiser Ahmed, which is being aired on Dipto TV. Because of its popularity and public demand ‘Bokulpur’ is coming back with its second season. Tanveer Masud has got a huge response from the audience by playing the role of ‘Fata Borhan’ in ‘Bakulpur’.

“Bakulpur is an amazing experience. After doing ‘Bakulpur’ now people call me Borhan or Fata Borhan rather than calling me by my name. I enjoyed that a lot,” said Tanveer.

“The whole team is so talented and it’s like a family. Working with them doesn’t really feel like I’m working. It’s that smooth,” he added.

“Apart from Bakulpur-2, another teledrama ‘Hawker’ is coming on this Eid. I’m supposed to act in a seven-episode teledrama for this Eid. But it is on the discussion phase still. So, I can’t give any confirmation about it yet,” said Tanveer Masud about his upcoming projects.

The promising actor has crossed the boundaries of the small screen and joined the silver screen too. He started his journey in films through the late Sayedul Anam Tutul’s film ‘Kalbela’.

“Slowly, I am moving forward. I believe in quality rather than quantity. An artist can reach his goal only through a few quality works,” said Tanveer Masud.

“I’m working hard to make a place in audiences’ hearts through quality works. I have a desire to be a real artist. The real artist remains in the heart of the audience and I’m trying to do that.”

Tanveer Masud is known for, ‘Shonali Din’, ‘Smritir Alpona Aaki’, ‘Mehoman’, ‘Momtaz Mohol’, ‘Nanan Ronger Manush’, ‘Mofizer Lifestyle’ etc.

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