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Tahsan Khan Live in Sydney

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Tahsan Khan performed live in Sydney for an event titled “ presents Tahsan Khan Live in Sydney” on June 1, 2024, at the New South Wales University’s Science Theatre. The event captivated the Bangladeshi diaspora in Sydney with an exceptional musical evening. Popular singer Tahsan Khan mesmerised the audience with his soulful renditions of his most popular songs.

Excitement among the Bangladeshi community in Sydney for Tahsan’s arrival was at an all-time high, and tickets for this limited-seating event sold out three weeks in advance.

The event was organised by Reminiscence Australia, an organisation of former students of Dhaka Residential Model College, Sydney, with co-sponsorship from, the e-commerce platform of Bangladesh’s largest fashion and lifestyle brand, Aarong.

The audience in Sydney was treated to an extraordinary musical experience, thanks to the experienced organisers from Reminiscence Australia. Tahsan Khan’s captivating performance undoubtedly left the Sydney audience spellbound.

The organisers are hopeful that this event will further strengthen the cultural ties among Bangladeshi expatriates in Sydney.

In addition to Tahsan Khan’s performance, the event also featured a fashion show titled “Trendsetter Expo”. The show showcased the pride and heritage of Bangladesh, Jamdani sarees. In addition, various local artists performed traditional Bangladeshi songs, entertaining the audience.

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