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Story writer Lipi Jasmine

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Lipi Jasmine. Although she is a banker by profession, she is a writer in her heart. And that’s why maybe she sits down to write whenever she gets free time between work. But her interest in the world of writing is prose literature. By writing short stories, she highlighted the life and livelihood of the surrounding people. If that writing stirs the heart of a reader, Lipi Jasmine finds satisfaction.

Her maternal grandfather Zamir Bin Ziarat was a poet. He has several publications on National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. Maternal grandfather’s influence, therefore, came naturally to Lipi Jasmine. That’s why Lipi Jasmine may be writing as her maternal grandfather’s successor unknowingly.

Lipi said, her name was originally given by her maternal grandfather. English meaning of her name is the script. That is, since my maternal grandfather was a writer, he basically established his granddaughter’s identity as a writer even in my name. Grandfather used to write letters to me regularly. I used to answer him too. This is how my grandfather planted the roots of writing in me. And that is why I have always been interested in writing later.

Lipi said that the first short story written by her was published in the school magazine of Shaheed Anwar Girls’ School. She was in eighth grade then. After that, her writings were published in the annual magazine of BSF Shaheen College, Daksu of Dhaka University, debating society, and transport organization published at various times.

A book of short stories has already been published by Lipi Jasmine. This book titled ‘Jennifer’ was published at the Amar Ekushe Book Fair 2020. Published under the banner of Rhythm Publishing House, this book contains a total of 9 short stories. The relevance of the stories and the diversity of the stories will easily attract the reader.

Lipi Jasmine thinks that the current generation does not spend time reading books like before. She said, the way we used to see that everyone read textbooks as well as other books, this is not the case in today’s generation. But it is very important to have this reading habit. The habit of reading books opens a person’s eyes.

Lippy Jasmine is currently living in Canada. She moved to Canada as a skilled immigrant in 2007. After studying finance and banking there, she joined the Royal Bank of Canada the following year. She writes regularly in the local Bangla newspaper of Canada and the annual magazine of the organization ‘Bangladesh Canada Association of Edmonton, the capital of Alberta province. In family life, Lipi Jasmine has a husband and a son.

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