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Social Business Day 2023 Commences at Malaysia

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Thirteenth Social Business Day 2023, organized by Yunus Centre and Albukhary International University was inaugurated today at Pelangi Beach Resort in Langkawi attended by 600 plus influential global and national leaders, Nobel Peace Laureates, Social Business practitioners, enthusiasts, and change-makers from 31 countries. The picturesque Langkawi Island in Malaysia provides a stunning backdrop for this transformative two-day conference, centered around the theme “War, Peace, and Economics – Future of Human Beings.”

Social Business Day 2023 brought together renowned visionaries and thought leaders who are committed to making the world a better place through innovative social business practices.

The highlight of the inauguration was the keynote address by Professor Muhammad Yunus, the 2006 Nobel Peace Laureate.

Lamiya Morshed, the Executive Director of Yunus Centre, and Emeritus Professor Dato’ Dr. Abd Aziz Tajuddin, Vice-Chancellor and President of Albukhary International University, warmly welcomed the attendees. Sharifah Sofia Albukhary, Trustee of Albukhary Foundation, addressed the theme of the event, highlighting the importance of shaping a peaceful and economically sustainable future for humanity.

In his inspiring speech, Professor Yunus emphasized the need to explore ways to advance peace and end conflicts worldwide.

Professor Yunus also passionately advocated for creating a zero-waste generation. He quoted “Unless we create a zero-waste generation, there is no way we can save the planet. We must create a new generation that behaves, works, and lives differently. We have to start with creating zero waste generation conscious creating a circular economy.”

Throughout the day, attendees engaged in a diverse array of sessions, featuring plenaries, keynote addresses, 11 country forums (Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines, Greater China, Nepal, Thailand, Japan, Africa, Europe, Brazil and India), and glimpses of social businesses.

The ceremony continued, Anne Hidalo, the Mayor of Paris, shared her insights on the role of cities in promoting peace and sustainable development. The event witnessed a truly international presence as Thomas Bach, the President of the International Olympic Committee, emphasized the significance of sports in fostering global unity and understanding. Maimunah Mohd Sharif, the Under-Sceretary-General and Executive Director of UN HABITAT, underscored the critical role of inclusivity in building peaceful societies and mitigating climate challenges. The Honourable Marina Silva, the Minister of Environment from the Federal Republic of Brazil also graced the event virtually.

A significant moment was the video presentation introducing Albukhary International University and the launch of its master’s program in social business. The event also celebrated the milestone of 1000+ 3ZERO Clubs and featured discussions by pioneers in the field on the importance of collaborative ecosystems for social business in shaping a new and inclusive economy.

The event facilitated in-depth country forums, providing participants with the opportunity to address region-specific challenges and opportunities to scale up the ecosystem. Recognizing the ongoing impact of the global pandemic, Social Business Day 2023 also delved into the future of healthcare in a post-pandemic world, envisioning resilient and inclusive health infrastructure. A significant partnership between the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) and Yunus Centre was announced during the event, underscoring the commitment to promote social business initiatives.

The highly anticipated two-day event will come to an end on 28 July 2023. The Honourable Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, former prime minister of Malaysia will grace the occasion with his presence.

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