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Sleeps on the shoulders of sorrow

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  • Dr. Golsan Ara Begum

Look at the sky and you will feel better
Play hide and seek with the wind
What will it do? won’t do
Why just keep your eyes in the uncertain darkness?

Sit in the bored wilderness and think poet poet
Enjoy the beauty of creation
In the beak of a flying bird
Tie the love letter
The waves of the mind will come crashing down.

The shadow of the mind walks across the mind
The kite of desire runs
The raw morning sun wipes away the darkness of the night
The clouds broke the sun and opened the dream
Long stairs break down to the sea.

I’m not feeling well, what happened?
Searching for the door of happiness
What a longing
Confronted in Chyhara Kantha’s house of sorrow
Shy happiness says–
What is the harm, do not stay
Hi sleeps on the shoulders of sorrow.

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