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Sisimpur has turned 20 years

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Launched in 2005 as ‘Sisimpur’ with an aim to make learning fun and enjoyable for pre-primary and primary stage children, the program has crossed 19 and crossed two decades of its journey. 15th April is celebrated as ‘Sisimpur Day’ every year as the day of Sisimpur’s first promotion.
Sisimpur helps improve children’s learning skills through its television programs, various printed materials, and school-based activities and community activities. For example, it helps to recognize letters, identify letters from words, match words with letters, make sentences with words. Helps recognize colors and sounds by finding materials from the surrounding environment. For example: house, banana, mango, table, clock, cow, tree, leaf, pen, book, etc. Children’s familiarity with which letters start with different words is taught through play. Through the characters of Sisimpur, names of different shapes, names of colors etc. are taught from different elements of the environment.
In addition, Sisimpur has been working on the issue of keeping children safe on the Internet for several years. Besides, Sisimpur is working to improve learning skills of pre-primary children, provide training to teachers and create awareness among parents.
Currently the 16th season of Sisimpur is being aired on 4 televisions in the country. This popular edutainment series is airing on Durant, RTV, Machranga and BTV. But since its inception, broadcasting of Sisimpur uninterruptedly for the past 19 years on Bangladesh Television is a remarkable event, which is the result of sincere efforts of Bangladesh Government Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, Bangladesh Television and Sisimpur. About one crore viewers across the country are enjoying the program through three televisions.
Sisimpur has become one of the attractions for children at the Amar Ekushe Book Fair every year. Children flock to the fair every Friday-Saturday and on holidays to have fun with Ikri, Halum, Tuktuki and Shikur. Which has already become one of the accessories of Amar Ekushe Book Fair.
On the occasion of the 19th anniversary of Sisimpur, the managing director of Sisemi Workshop Bangladesh, Mohammad Shah Alam, said that this child-friendly program has been being created for 19 years with the aim of meeting the early education needs of three to eight-year-old children. Sisimpur also targets children’s parents, caregivers and teachers. Sisimpur plays a role in the overall development of the child under the guise of fun and play. language-caste; mathematics; environment; Balanced and nutritious food; In addition to basic issues such as health care, Sisimpur gender equality; social values; Playing Safe Sports, Staying Safe on the Internet, Disaster Prevention, Practicing Healthy Habits; earthquake; Road crossing and drowning safety; awareness to prevent various injuries; Sisimpur has helped children learn about saving, planning and the arts, culture and traditions of Bangladesh. Besides, Sisimpur also emphasizes on showing respect to all the people of the country including mutual respect, compassion, respect for uniformity and diversity.
Sesame Workshop Bangladesh conducts all its activities jointly through government, private and international organizations. In the last 19 years, Sisimpur has worked jointly with the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Ministry of Culture Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh. Sisimpur’s journey began with USAID funding and USAID’s support continues to this day.
Sesimpur, a co-production of the New York-based educational television series Sesame Street, is run by Sesame Workshop Bangladesh.

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